Seminars and Training that we are offering

Following are some of the seminars and training that we are offering.
Business Ethics
A Sales Mentality
Customer Relations
Organization Needed in a Business
Setting Goals and The Importance of Goals
Developing a Business Plan
“Selling Your Self” How to present your self to customers

We will also offer a Course in Practical Business Building for any field of Business.
There will be the opportunity of Interning in America-Practice in an American Company.

Why you should choose us

All of our Business Training will be taught by an American who has been in business for more than 30 years. He has started businesses in 5 States in the US and on 3 continents. The Training will be conducted from experience and not theory. The Training is designed to help students be successful in any area of business. We will not only teach what has been proven to be successful but help you to develop the skills to analyze the potential for success in any situation.